Education has and always will be a topic of broad interest, and rightfully so. The success and innovation of our society largely depends on the education of younger generations. Schooling molds students into real-world adults, providing them with the tools necessary to succeed and enabling them to be functional citizens of society. The methods used by the government and states have enabled students to be prepared for future endeavors, but there is no hiding the insufficiency of certain aspects of our education system that need improvement. There have been various changes to the discipline of education just within the past two years, including the Every Student Succeeds Act that was signed into law in December of 2015, and President Trump’s nomination for the U.S. Department of Education, Betsy DeVos. The United States has been constantly modifying our education system, and it is almost guaranteed that its structure will undergo a significant amount of reform in attempts to improve its status.

The word “education” encompasses a multitude of foci, styles, facts, opinions, and other qualities that I wish to elaborate on and target in this blog. It draws in virtually everyone due to the direct connection that all individuals share with it. Whether you are a fellow Carolinian or you live thousands of miles from the East Coast, education plays a role in your life, affecting learners, teachers, and whole communities. It is both controlled and autonomous, an idea that sparks controversy and frequent debates. Education is the enlightening process of providing and receiving instruction and information that provokes thought and action among individuals.