This women’s studies issue revolving around the medical or surgical termination of a pregnancy, is one of the oldest and most controversial topics discussed in society. These controversies result in spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical complications on women resulting from the difficulty in getting an abortion and the stigma associated with the decision.

This topic is relevant to all women as they face decisions concerning family planning, career paths, financial planning, and many other factions of their lives. The ability or inability to acquire safe and legal abortions is a life-changing topic because the responsibility of having and raising a child is immeasurable. This topic is experienced universally whether it’s the high maternal death rates from unsafe abortions in Africa or the increasingly restrictive abortion laws being passed in North Carolina.

The intention of this blog is not only to inform the reader of the political, economic and social factors surrounding the decision to get an abortion, but also to reduce the negative stigmas associated with women discussing the decision. This stigma has many causes including religion, political decisions, and technological advances, while the stigma itself causes many women to feel shame, isolation and guilt. These are only the psychological effects, but as seen by a North Carolinian woman who experienced sharp pain and heavy bleeding for over a week because of state abortion laws requiring a waiting period, a woman can be negatively affected physically as well. The polarization on this topic has increased in the past few years, which is demonstrated by its strong presence in the recent election. I hope my study on this topic will evolve my thoughts and my readers’ thoughts on this issue by increasing overall knowledge of it.

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