Education throughout the country is a topic that is constantly being discussed by all. Whether it’s about private, public, or charter schools, school funding, special education, and/or the qualifications of teachers, there is always discussion about how to improve the United States’s education system.

The purpose of this blog is to specifically examine the issues surrounding public education, nationally and locally within the state of North Carolina. Public education is defined as a school system supported by public funding from the local and state government. The state of North Carolina is known for being low on the list compared to the rest of the states when it comes to public education. In order for this statistic to differ, a great amount of change needs to take place. The significance of wanting to improve public education nationwide is due to it being an immense determinant in one’s future. The better education one has, the better college one will attend and the better job one will attain. Additionally, it is more realistic for children to attend public schools since most people living in the United States cannot afford to send their child and/or children to a costly private school due to how much better the education could be that they would receive.

Because I am a product of the North Carolina public school system myself, I strongly believe in attending this type of education. However, I do believe that there is quite some room for enhancement in several different areas. The areas of enhancement that I am exploring throughout this blog are: increase in teacher pay, proper training of teachers, how to engage students better, the safety of schools, the effects of class size, and much more.

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