Especially after the development of the most recent presidential election in the United States, racism and racial inequality have been particularly hot topics for a majority of Americans. Taking a sociological standpoint, this blog series will focus on the topic of racial diversity – or rather, lack there of – specifically in the performing arts industry, ranging from the misrepresentation of minority racial groups in media, to the concept of racially-blind casting in various productions.

Racial diversity is very significant in its controversial manner and relevancy in modern performing arts all over the world, including in local performances in North Carolina. This blog will shed light on these issues, bringing up specific instances of both when racial diversity has been accomplished within the cast and when it has not. It will also discuss the many different opinions of theater-going audience members, casting directors, actors, and actresses regarding the issue.

Below is a picture from the critically acclaimed, Tony-award winning Broadway musical, Hamilton, which has recently been in the spotlight. This attention has not only been earned due to its groundbreaking script and score, but also for extremely racially diverse cast. It has created a platform for the issue of racial discrimination in the casting process, forming an excellent opportunity for people to discuss the issue in an open setting.

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Despite the efforts of many people to set racism and lack racial diversity to rest, they are still abundant in everyday life, the discussion of which is an important one to be had. By focusing on the existence of these issues in the performing arts specifically, this blog aims to create an opportunity for the open discussion and analysis of their existence.