In Illinois, children had the opportunity to sign up for a ‘Star Wars’ themed STEM program, and the positive feedback from the students was overwhelming.  One student, who had participated in other STEM programs in the past, found this particular Saturday class to be the most interesting due to its affiliation with one of his favorite films.  Encouraging participants to use STEM skills to construct their own droid and light saber was a creative way to spark their imagination.  By associating these challenging fields with current cultural interests, the educators saw both a larger turnout of students and more appeal among the children.  

STEM education is based on four different fields of study:  science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Jeremy Benson, one of the educators at this STEM workshop, claims that having a basic understanding of these four disciplines will prepare generations for the rapid growth of technology in the future and allow them to enter numerous career options in STEM fields.  The push for STEM programs is strong with this one.