Last semester, I had the opportunity to see a theater piece that spoke to me and helped me better understand myself as a queer person. Draw the Circle, a show about a South Indian, Muslim, transgender man, premiered in Chapel Hill through the Playmaker’s Repertory Company. This one-man show, explore the experiences of the people in his life, including his family, his friends, and his partner. One of the reasons that Deen chose to perform this show in North Carolina is because of “Bathroom Bill”, or House Bill 2, a law that limits transgender and gender non-conforming people’s access to public restrooms. The character of Deen’s wife, Elizabeth, struggled with her own sexuality during his transition, and this representation of queer individuals was very powerful. Specifically, Elizabeth’s character helped me come to terms with my own identity. Below are two videos. One is a video of Deen’s story and the other is a trailer for the show.



Featured Image via: Playmaker’s Repertory Company