As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this topic is extremely polarized, but I think this is because of a misinformed public. The best thing we can all do to find the common ground in this issue is to stay informed on what the debate is actually about and what factors are involved in it. As shown in this article, there are many similarities in opinions from both sides of the debate. This shows that it is not as polarizing of a topic that many may think and recognizing this is a good step in quenching the constant contention surrounding the topic. In reading various articles on both sides of the debate, many times I find the disagreements based in statements without factual support. If people were to check their resources, or just look into these facts a bit further, they would see the lack of support. The polarization of this topic is rooted in the fact that most abortion opponents consider it the murder of a child, but this article shows the contention for less dramatic and more logical reasons. These reasons includes the American obsession with fundamental rights, the fact that religion is heavily intertwined with political beliefs, and the fact that it was legalized as a right, not as a medical necessity. These reasons show even more that the controversy is misunderstood.