There are several ways in which the public education system can be improved to better the overall quality. After doing an immense amount of research, I believe that the best ways to end polarization within the United States public education system are to implement a training program that properly instructs teachers on how to provide students with valuable knowledge and to increase the amount teachers get paid during the school year. In an article from the Miami Herald, the author, a retired public school teacher, explains how much students benefit in academic achievement when provided with high quality teachers. Another article from the National Education Association explains why teachers working for the public education system should have an increase in salary and why the public agrees. It explains that in order to retain and attract teachers for the future, the education system must increase pay to be competitive with other jobs. Educators are the people who are providing students with knowledge and are preparing them for the future- an extremely critical task for someone to be doing.

Because teacher’s are so responsible for someone else’s future, they should be provided with the best training and with an increase in salary. They deserve to be treated better than how they are now. Both of these improvements should be implemented to help make the United States public education system a system in which the people of our nation would be proud to attend.