In the weeks leading up to last November’s presidential election, it became very clear to me that Donald Trump was going to win. I attend a fairly liberal university and everyone around me was so excited for Hillary to win. My social media feeds, on the contrary, were full of support for our current president. On Election Day, I sent my mentor an email with the subject line, “what do we do now?”.  Since Inauguration Day, queer people have been living in fear due to the policies and practices that Trump’s administration, especially Vice President Pence, support. During his campaign, Trump was never very clear on his stance on LGBTQIA+ plus issues and Mike Pence was criticized many times because of his statements about conversion therapy.  There are a lot of ways that as a country we can improve the experiences of queer people in America, but an easy way is through better, more complete representation in media.

A lot of the hostility against queer people is deeply rooted in religious opposition. Many of our leaders, especially our more conservative ones, sometimes let their religious convictions sway their decision making skills. Though we have the separation of church and state, our nation was built on Judaeo-Christian values and many leaders want to keep this intact. On this blog, I have discussed how much queer television can help non-queer people understand the queer experience more and help them sympathize with queer people, causing them to help fight for the rights of queer people. More queer media would also help more queer people love themselves. Having more inclusive and whole queer characters could help our nation grow into a place of love and acceptance.

featured image via ABC News