CAUTION: How to Get Away with Murder Spoilers ahead!

I LOVE Thursday nights. Shonda Rhimes has me completely captivated to the point that I will not make plans on Thursday nights, so that I can curl up in my snuggie and watch her line up on ABC. Her hit, How to Get Away with Murder, is one of my favorite television shows right now. It is so inclusive and explores so many different aspects of diversity, without making it seem unnatural (which is an amazing feature of all of Rhimes’ shows).

For many, the season finale of HTGAWM was disappointing. A lot of critics felt as though Connor and Oliver’s story line had been told before. Others felt as though Connor was being slut shamed by Oliver. HIV/AIDS is not discussed very much on television, despite the fact that 1.2 million Americans have it. 19% of gay and bisexual men have it and that number only increases for gay and bisexual black men. While HIV/AIDS is not an exclusively queer disease, fighting against them has often been a queer fight. This show models how to have safe sex (everyone, not just queer people should regularly get tested!) and explores the relationship after one partner is diagnosed. Before this show, I was not even aware that PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) existed.

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