Thinking about the future without a public education system in the United States is an extremely scary thought. I cannot imagine this nation not providing our communities with free, quality education. These schools are where the majority of society will learn important information and where they will grow into their own self. By not providing communities with a good public education, members will be more likely to be unemployed, be involved with crime, and not give back to their own community.

While I would hope that the government would be willing to help fund improvements within the system, I know there is a chance they will not find it worth it. Because of this, there is quite the potential that over the next few years, the public education system will not improve their teacher training and will not raise teacher’s salaries. There are several implications that will occur if these improvements are not implemented. Because most teachers are inaccurately trained, they are currently not providing students with the best knowledge and in turn, leaving public schools to go to another school where they will be provided with better education, such as, private, charter, or home schools. The implication of not increasing teacher’s pay will strictly lead to no motivation within the classroom. This lack of motivation will start with the teachers but then will evolve to the students where they will have no motivation to do well in school or possibly to even complete school.

If these improvements are not implemented somewhat soon, the United States public education system is going to increasingly worsen and begin to hurt teachers, students, and communities throughout the nation.