This assignment has taught me a lot about my subject, as well as researching in this field. In writing this blog, I wanted to become better informed on both sides of the debate of abortion so I could form a more accurate opinion on the debate. I also was hoping to grow with my readers so as I learned, they learned as well. Although I gained a stronger perspective on both sides of the debate, my opinion on the subject changed very little. Despite this, I feel like my research validated my opinion under the assumption that I am better informed on the subject. Last semester I took a class on women throughout US history, and its very interesting to pair that with what I’m learning in this class. Not only do I see the progression of abortion rights throughout history, but I also see the feminist trends of today throughout history. The movement of abortion rights has not been a steady trend, which I have learned time and time again.

One of the biggest challenges for me while writing this blog was remaining unbiased in my posts. With a subject like this, where I have a strong opinion of my own, it was difficult for me to represent both sides. I tried my best to bring in articles from both sides, but even as I described and commented on them, I could tell I was judging one side over the other. Fortunately, my peers also commented on this, which was a benefit of using a blog as our method of writing. It was helpful to get direct feedback and be able to respond with answers to questions, or to acknowledge shortcomings in my posts. It was also beneficial to get compliments on my subject from people who may not know me personally. It was rewarding to think that I helped inform others and that my goal was somewhat reached.

Lastly I want to discuss what I am most proud of throughout this experience. My analysis post was the most challenging and in depth post we did, and being able to use so many links forced me to look at a lot of new material that I hadn’t considered before. It also helped me analyze the root of the debate and why it exists, which I think is most important to helping people move through the issue and work together to find a solution of some sort. I also really liked the implications post because I think it’s important to see the effects of the constant debate to truly understand why we must find a solution. I would not have written about this subject if there were drastic implications to society. I chose this subject not only to help women suffering from the stigma around it, but to help all of society understand the issue and understand why it is not ok. This being said, I don’t want to just point out the problems, I want to help solve them. This is why the theory post was important to me also. I truly hope people keep these in mind when approaching the subject in the future. If I didn’t change anyone’s minds, I hope I opened a door for conversation and doubt.