Color-conscious casting.

If you stay up to date with my blog series, you’ll know this method is one I spoke about in my post analyzing the concept of racism in theater as a whole. Well, I am taking the opportunity to speak about it again, because I just can’t get over what a great option it is.

During my research, I have noticed that there are two very strong stances in the theater world:

Those who promote color-blind casting and those who oppose it.

My discovery of color-conscious casting was an ideal way to compromise these two polarized sides.

Additionally, each side alone brings its implications. By not making an effort at all to cast minorities, nothing progressive will be accomplished. Contrastingly, color-blind casting misses the point of diversity by overlooking racial and cultural difference in an ignorant way, rather than accomplishing the goal of embracing these differences and achieving equality.

The videos below have descriptions of why color-consciousness is so vital and why color-blindness breeds racism.