Color-conscious casting is the new star of my blog, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.

It rectifies the ever so prominent debate on color-blind casting. Some think it’s the bees knees and others think it is the worst thing ever.

First, I want to bring up the point that the original intent of color-blind casting was indeed to oppose racism, however, it does not accomplish its goal.

As I mentioned in my last article, color-blind casting is almost analogous to what it is trying to achieve. Diversity simply cannot be accomplished if things such as race and ethnicity are overlooked. On the other end, by not acknowledging race in a different manner, such as how those on the other side of the fence may feel, the opportunity for non-traditional casting does not exist.

This is where color-conscious casting swings in and takes the gold. Being color-conscious embraces the cultural and physical differences of those who come from all races and ethnicities, instead of trying to wash them all out and make them all ambiguous to one another. It solidifies the idea that races should be acknowledged and embraced, not ignored.

Here is a clip of one of my absolute songs sung by an incredible performer and an even more powerful ensemble of women backing her up. Try not to feel the feels, I dare you.