I am not a self-described blogger. That is for certain. My mind functions in an analytical, scientific manner when it comes to writing. However, this blog series has allowed me to come out of my shell in terms of what words I am “allowed” so say and how I allow myself think. I have discovered that everyone blogs differently, and there isn’t a right or wrong way to blog. I don’t have to produce some twirly whirly creative piece to post, but rather I can take the information I have studied and provide a commentary on it. Doing this has allowed me to really delve into a topic which I am passionate about: the existence of racism in the performing arts.

Throughout this blog series, my goal was to expand my thought process and look beyond superficial, analytical things. Instead of focusing on what could be the very general topic of racism, I focused on racism in the performing arts, specifically on Broadway. By doing this I was able to engage in the topic, and research specific instances and occurrences.

Additionally, I would research things in my free time – for fun. I would find something that interested me, and then I would be intrigued by a certain aspect of that post and ask myself a question that was similar to it, but not directly correlated with it. This enabled me to keep moving from one post to the next without boring myself, and without making it feel choppy. Rather, it felt like one continuous flowing research project that I happened to be submitting for a grade.

I desperately wanted to succeed in this unit. Not necessarily in terms of number grade, but in terms of being satisfied with the way my blog read and felt. In the beginning, I had trouble discovering my voice as a writer, but as time went on, things began to simply flow onto the page and I could write with fluidity. I genuinely appreciated this project a lot, and so I put extra time into it. I knew it was going to be hard for me, so I would just read and read until I had an overwhelming amount to say. Then I would sit down and write, and just remove the unnecessary or repetitive sentences that came from being passionate about my topic.

Having to put my thoughts into a post in a way that was genuine but also still remained true to my blunt, analytical personality was tricky. I learned a lot about how to manage a blog series and how, despite the fact that the other members of my group have different styles of writing, all of our styles are just as valid.

I am proud of the fact that I did not let this project overwhelm me. I continued to tell myself that even though I wasn’t happy with the writing I was doing originally, it would get better the more I worked. I truly feel like I was able to prove something to myself by being successful with this unit.

Finally, being able to access the work of my peers gave me a really neat insight on how my writing differs from those in my group, and in my class a whole. It also was cool to see what ideas people had and what topics mattered most to them, then to see how they reflected.