During this assignment, I really wanted to go outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to look at shows outside of my immediate sphere.I chose this topic because I am a queer woman and I noticed a lot of misrepresentation in the television. Despite of this, I wanted to try to take an unbiased approach. I wanted to look deeper and see if our representation on television was horrible. Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised. We have come so far within the past 10 years.

After our introduction post, I starting brainstorming potential topic ideas. I still have many ideas, including looking at the relationship between Bert and Ernie and gay “afterthoughts” like Albus Dumbledore. As a sexuality studies minor, I want to learn as much as I can about issues surrounding gender and sexuality. This assignment allowed me to read, watch, and explore so much. I was already doing these things, but I felt less guilty because I was doing it for a class it. I was able to develop an even better understanding of this topic.

Sometimes, I struggled remembering to update my blog because the deadlines were pretty soft, but I developed some discipline through this project. I am most proud of my post about Moonlight. I was able to take something from current events and turn around and make it a post, something I had never done before.

I know this is a required class, but I wanted to make the most of it and learn how to write in a variety of ways. I am very glad that we did not just write a typical social sciences paper because as a social science major, I already do this so much and know how to do this well. The blog format makes it a less formal medium to discuss issues on, so I felt like I could write on more controversial issues and explore my personal writing style more. This blog helped me develop as a writer and as a person. I will likely continue to update this blog from time to time because I enjoyed it so much. Thank you all so much for sticking with me through this and reading my posts. You’ve been totally awesome.