Honestly, when I found out about this assignment I was extremely nervous. I had never had my own blog where people could view what I had written about and how they were able to critique anything I had said.

Upon learning about this assignment, I immediately knew I wanted to write about what was happening within United States public education. As a product of the public education system myself, I wanted to learn more about the large issues at hand and see how it could be improved.  Before I started the assignment, I decided to set goals for myself in what I wanted to learn throughout researching this topic. I specifically wanted to learn about the in depth issues that were causing public education to decline, how those issues could be improved, and what other schooling options there are for students. I also set my own educational goals of becoming a better writer and becoming more informed on current issues happening within the nation.

While I did enjoy completing the task at hand most of the time, there were some times that I thought the blog was somewhat daunting. The task that was the most daunting to me was the amount of research I had to compete about what improvements were going to be beneficial if implemented within the school system. I struggled with this specific task because at first I wasn’t completely sure which improvements would help public education out of the funk it was currently in. However, I finally found two improvements that I strongly believe will help students and teachers become better within the public education system (refer to theory post). With that said, I am most proud of all of the research that I was able to find on the concerns of the United States public education system. I also was proud of the suggested improvements I discussed throughout the blog and why I thought they would be the most beneficial to better the system as a whole.

Surprisingly enough, I actually I enjoyed having my peers read and comment on my blog posts. I thought they gave great feedback that helped me think more critically about what I was writing about. They also gave great suggestions on other topics within my field that I could write about. In the end, I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing about a topic that I am extremely passionate about. Hopefully within the next few years the United States public school system will drastically improve.