In the video below, President Donald Trump unveiled a brand new education proposal called school choice, while campaigning to be president. Now that he has won the election, President Trump plans to enact this proposal as soon as possible.  What school choice would entail, is the expansion of charter, private, magnet, and public school options for low income children throughout the United States, nearly costing $20 billion. While President Trump realizes this is a huge amount of federal dollars to be spending, he believes that it would be quite beneficial to those who have unfair disadvantages in what school they have to attend, specifically minority students. Each child living in poverty would have the choose as to where they want to attend school and what kind of school they would like to attend, with the help from their parents. However, who is considered low income and at what point will the government begin to cut students off? Although I realize this is a great idea in theory, I am having a hard time wrapping my own mind around how this proposal will actually happen.