Last week a pretty significant event occurred regarding the abortion debate! Tomi Lahren, a prominent conservative who supported Donald Trump and his platform throughout the recent election stated that she was prochoice, a stance not shared by her party. To see more quotes from Tomi, check out this article that describes the incident and its public reception. I think this is significant because it shows a significant member of a party, going against her “assigned” political beliefs to show her true opinion. She also states that she appreciates the support of women who may not agree with her, another important concept. I do not generally support Lahren or her beliefs, but I do respect her statements made in this instance. I think it is also significant that she shared the full backing of her party and The Blaze, up until she voice an opinion that did not align with theirs. This is an example of censoring to skew what is voiced to the public. Enjoy the article!